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Meet the Author, Neelima at Terrassen this Sunday !! I still remember serving Neelima Coffee when she visited the café for the first time. We chatted, she sang in an impromptu jamming session ( the author is a singer also) and she showered us with her generous compliments about the place and food.We were happy to receive her as a regular guest since that day and would enjoy the conversations that would follow. We also saw her during the period when she decided to climb Everest. She would often drop in after strenuous training session to come for healthy indulgence. She would then sit by herself (we understood that she needs time to herself may be to unwind or think through about the adventure she is going to embark upon). After her expedition we saw her again in a new avatar, with a notebook and pen. She would still sit by herself but now we would talk also, where she would give snippets about her adventure and what her book may turn out to be. It would be fun listening to her and engaging with her story ( how often do you see a book being born!!) Neelima's book is born . In an absolutely loving gesture she asked her to cater for her book launch !! We were honoured. Now when she got to know that we are shifting to a new location, she proposed that we do one last event at Terrassen. We were touched and we had to this event ...without doubt. Thank you Neelima, we would be absolutely happy to have you over and listen to your story at the cafe this Sunday and engage with it as always. Lots of love and success to you !
  • 2018-07-27T14:01:37

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