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Terrassen Moves to a new location coming August !!  Three years ago, Terrassen café started off on a small cart in the premises of Goethe Zentrum. Over the years, with the love and support of customers who turned into friends and the old friends who never left our side, we grew to 4 tables.  Today, we are humbled yet ecstatic to announce that we are expanding further, and this time to a new place! The café will not only enhance your culinary experience, but also cater to your cultural curiosity, and let's not forget: non-human animal-friendly. From coffee to Kathi rolls, from screenings to plays, from music on the record to live jamming, and a lot more, we hope to make this expansion of our passion into a more interactive and enjoyable experience for our old and future patrons!  Looking forward to this journey that we will be embarking on, and extremely excited for you to be a part of it.
  • 2018-07-26T11:16:45

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